Ayurveda Consultations

Ayurveda Wellness Consultations:


At Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute, our wellness consultation focuses on your health concerns. With imbalance, chronic medical conditions and wellness perspective, this consultation includes:

Finding out your Dosha (Ayurvedic Body Type)

Pulse and tongue analysis

Discovery session on wellness plan recommendations

Consultation Hours -

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday : 10am - 2 pm 

Saturday - : 11am -1 pm (Only New Clients)

Types, Duration and Cost of Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation -

Duration: 50 minutes + 10 min Paperwork - Recommended for integrative wellness for chronic health conditions.
 $ 130 (Includes Wellness Report)

Duration: 30- 45 minutes - Recommended for prevention or diet/lifestyle management
Cost: $ 85 (Includes Wellness Report)

Phone/Skype Consultations

Duration: 30- 45 minutes 
$ 100 (Includes Wellness Report)

Follow up Consultation

20 mins in-office visit: $50 

Children Ayurveda Wellness Consultation

Holistic Health, Wellness and Prevention for Children

30 MIN - 1 Child -$100

30 MIN -2 Children - $150

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You also get FREE guidebook on Integrative Wellness Healing written by Dr. Lina when you sign up. 

Our 'P, R & S Drugs' Program (Prevent, Reverse &/Stop Drugs -Medications)

Blessed with the response to Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute.  Our institute continues significant work in following areas : Chronic health conditions, Healing support 'Cancer conditions', Auto-immune conditions, Fertility programs and Children services. 

*After Ayurvedic regimen, you may be able to reduce and /come off of drugs/medications when your physician and you will notice improvement in your health. This is experienced by most of our guests. (Please note Dr. Lina does not alter, stop medications, that is not the scope of Ayurvedic program.)

Thanks for the opportunity. Namaste.


Ayurveda Consultations : Beneficial for following types of medical conditions as a Complementary Medicine.


Acne Allergies Anxiety Arthritis
Backache Blood Pressure Bone/Joints Health Cancer
Chemo Toxicity Circulation Cold & Flu Cholesterol
Collitis Constipation Cough Depression
Detoxification Diabetes Digestive Health Fatigue
Fibromyalgia Hormon Balance Hyper Acidity Immune System
Increased Energy Increased libido Indigestion Insominia
Irritable Bowel syndrom Kidney Support Liver Functions/Toxicity Lymphatic Congestion
Memory Probelms Menopuase Migrains Mental alertness
Nasal Congestion Nervous System Conditions Nutrition and Dietary Concerns PMS
Parkinson's Disease Reproductive Health Respiratory Support Sinusitis
Skin conditions Strain (Muscel) Sleep Stress
Ulcer Urinary Problems Weight loss/gain Children Wellbeing

  • *Ayurveda focuses on WHOLISTIC & HOLISTIC APPROACH, it is safe, gentle & HIGHLY BENEFICIAL LIFESTYLE PROGRAM for all above mentioned medical conditions and can be taken as complementary regimen to western/conventional medicine.


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