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What students are saying:

The students loved it!!! and I did too. :) I made the Dal today.. very nourishing.. and now I understand more about the spices. I plan on coming to the monthly workshops and the cooking classes. I have such a deep interest in Ayurveda and a few questions :) You are a wonderful teacher and physician Dr. Lina. Thank you so so much.

- C. B.

Hi Dr. Lina! I just wanted to thank you for an EXCELLENT seminar on Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was packed full of fascinating information. In fact, I couldn't stop talking about it to my parents! I also wanted to thank you for the delicious lunch! I have signed up to take your Feb. 18th class and I'm really looking forward to it! Thank you again, Dr. Lina!

L. G.

Great Workshop! 

Suggestions:  Put PowerPoint in larger font or do only 2 slides per page to allow for reading of the slides.  Recipes would be great as a handout àmeal at lunchtime and demonstration.


Although I am very new to Ayurvedic practices, I found this workshop to be very insightful and informative.  I will definitely bring in the information I learned about chakras into my fitness classes!  I am also interested in trying some of the herbs to help with my anxiety as well as helping others with their physical, emotional, or spiritual problems. 

For future workshops, I would prefer to see more handouts during class.  Sometimes it was hard for me to write down everything or read what was on the whiteboard.  Otherwise, the workshop was great!


This was wonderful!  Life-altering.  I used to study Ayurveda, cook Indian food from scratch almost every day and practice yoga.  Due to many outside factors, I have really become separated from that lifestyle, and it shows.  This class reminded me of how far I’ve strayed and how important it is to regain that connection.  Aside from the factual knowledge – which is intense and fascinating – the overall (integrative) factor has altered me in just 3 days and I need to discipline myself to keep this up.  Also, I have loved hearing your belief is not using capsules because we need to taste the herbs and/or apply them to the skin so they stay out of the GI tract.  A whole new perspective.  Thank you for the reminders and the instructions!


I learned a lot!  Dr. Lina is an amazing person with passion to share.  I would attend more workshops and treatments in the future.  I am interested to take my notes and apply them.  I did feel I was writing too much and not listening.  It would be better to have a workbook of printouts.  Then students can listen more and not worry about taking notes down or trying to get Sanskrit spelling from Dr. Lina’s notes on the whiteboard.  I’m very glad I came and look forward to more!


I really enjoyed the workshop.  I liked the deeper knowledge and the examples of real clients who saw success. 

All along, though I wasn’t sure how the chakras fit into all of the medical discussion.  I kept thinking that would come later.

All-in-all, I learned so much and I am happy to have participated.  I look forward to future workshops!  Thank you.