Dr. Lina Thakar Designed and Customized Super-Specialty Panchakarma Program.

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The Most Popular Ayurveda Healing & Detox Program at Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute

*Additional treatments: $145 Value FREE (Sinus, Ear & Digestion) Receive 3 additional treatments completely FREE during your Panchakarma Program, a unique feature for Panchakarma at Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute, Pittsburgh.

Panchakarma (five healing actions) is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness. It is known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing.

Our Panchakarma Program:

Our customized Panchakarma program (not a cookie cutter approach) is designed by (Vaidya) Lina Thakar and based on her 20 years of clinical Ayurvedic experience, is custom-tailored to your current state of health, wellness and constitution. It is the starting point to pro-actively manage and improve your own health and wellness. Personal attention is given to each guest’s specific needs. 

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Eliminate toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind
  • Promotes ultimate wellness by building immunity, thus you become more resistent to illness.
  • Reverse the negative effects of stress on your body and mind thereby slowing the aging process.
  • Prevents disease process and corrects imbalance.
  • Provides deeply needed rest & relaxation
  • Offers mental clarity and increased concentration. Enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy and vitality.
  • Deepens self awareness & spirituality
  • Clears emotional stagnation and allows you to experience inner joy
  • Helps develop a consistent daily routine that includes yoga, meditation, and self-care
  • Bring Sense of well-being.


Panchakarma Program Details




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Cleansing diet :






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Panchakarma Health Investment



Contact us at (412) 809-0999, or by email at

  • Panchakarma is offered all 7days/week, (Mon –Sun.). Weekends and Evening appointments are available especially for guests who can’t make it on day time.
  • These are completely safe, gentle and very nurturing EXTERNAL treatments mainly include herbal oil massages, herbal steam treatments and are enjoyed as signature spa treatments.

For detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being, Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience.

Developed ttp:// of years ago in India and offered by Ayurveda physician trained in India, Panchakarma is the most popular program at Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute

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Residential Panchakarma : Why staying at a resort based Panchakarma program may not be a REAL Panchakarma?

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