Pedi Karma Holistic Healing for Feet

Pedi Karma - The Royal Holistic Healing for Feet

Ayurveda - Pedi Karma - The Royal Feet Therapy with Ayurvedic Reflexology

Enjoy this relaxing and deeply healing Feet therapy at Ayurveda Wellness Center & Holistic Spa. We'll offer deep healing to your legs and feet from the knee joints down. The entire body, including the internal organs, can be accessed via the nerve endings on the feet. Pedi Karma is a gentle and sensitive healing foot therapy with herbal oil or ghee using predominantly soft circular motions and stroking considering Marma points in that area.

It is combined with a unique Kansa Vataki bowl therapy, made in India, combines three therapeutic metals:

  • Copper - relieves pain, inflammation, arthritis
  • Zinc - boosts immune system, digestion, good for diabetes
  • Tin - relieves headaches and insomnia

Benefits of Pedi Karma

  • Alleviate stress situations and produces a sense of well-being over the entire body.

  • Improves blood circulation and helps in preventing varicose veins

  • Beneficial for insomnia, mental stress and depression

  • Reduces swelling and soreness in lower legs

  • Very effective method of foot care in diabetic people

  • Relieves leg and foot tension

  • Stimulates vital foot marma points that correspond to all organ systems

  • Opens flow of Prana in lower limbs

  • Promotes sound sleep

  • Cools the mind and calms high-Pitta (Type A) personalities

  • Grounds us on back on Earth, calming Vata flightiness

  • Great relief for Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Brings circulation to cold or tingly feet


Duration and Cost of Pedi Karma

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $65


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